My Paypal is verified! Why do you keep asking it?

Surprisingly, there are a lot of users who have not fully verified their Paypal accounts yet. You might be one of them. It doesn't matter even though you have used Paypal more than 10 years! Believe me. Here is how to double check whether your Paypal is fully verified.   

1) On your laptop, please go to and log in.
2) In the main page, you can check whether your email is confirmed by Paypal or not. If it is not confirmed, please do it asap. 
3) Next, please click "See how much you can send with PayPal" under "More about your account" on the website. This link is located on the bottom left of your Summary.
4) See? If your Paypal is not fully verified, you are going to see the image shown below. "Get Verified" button means that there is something more to do to get verified!  

5) Click the blue button and make your account verified!

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